10 conceptions I had that Stanford totally proved wrong

When I first came to Stanford, I thought I had it all figured out. My life was governed by a set of expectations and beliefs that I had built up slowly over time, in much the same way that we rationalize the universe through scientific laws that have stood the test of time. As a senior looking back on my little freshman self, I am amazed at how many of these conceptions – having planted themselves upon the doormat of Stanford – were promptly blown off their feet. Here I present to you the ten most spectacularly rejected ones. (more…)

Trips to The Bay: Going to Gambino

One of the greatest conveniences of living at Stanford is the proximity of the Bay—there’s easy access to great food, awesome thrift shops, and fantastic concerts. I experienced this first hand when my friends and I went to a Childish Gambino concert at the Berkeley Greek theater. (more…)

Undergrads Aren’t Underlings: Crossing Paths with the Graduate Schools

When I was looking at colleges to apply to, I had been warned to be wary of schools that included graduate programs because “then they don’t care about undergraduates.” The people who said that must not know Stanford. (more…)

Hands on in Hawaii

Study in Paradise: Stanford professors turn Hawaii into a living science classroom. The best way to learn science is to actually do it. (more…)

A Note to China and South Korea Residents Affected by the SAT

For China and South Korea residents who applied Restrictive Early Action to Stanford University, please know that October SAT scores will be considered as part of our holistic review process if they are received by November 19. (more…)