Stanford Band Debuts New Weeping Willow Tree Design

Each time a new Tree steps into the spotlight, an original costume is born. (more…)

FRESHMAN 15?! Stanford Recreation & Dining

In high school I was pretty active. I tried to workout everyday after school to release stress, in addition to eating pretty healthily. Since transitioning to college I’ve had a different sort of way of approaching health and fitness (more…)

Impact and Service: Post-Stanford Possibilities

Astonishing as it is, I am officially a rising senior. As my time on the Farm flies by, I have begun to think about my plan for post-Stanford.  (more…)

How not to be that overwhelmed freshman

Hmm… how to not be that overwhelmed freshman? It’s difficult not to: you are bombarded by a barrage of events, opportunities, and tasks; there are constant midterms and exams (especially on a quarter system where things move fast), you are living away from home surrounded by new people and new friends. It’s no wonder many freshmen become exhausted, stressed out, and burnt out. So, how do you prevent this from happening to you? (more…)

A Beautiful Day

On Memorial Day I was able to take a minute to simply walk through the Oval and appreciate our beautiful campus, so I wanted to share some thoughts about that with you. (more…)

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