Stanford RD Decisions to be Released March 27

The Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admission will begin releasing decision emails to Regular Decision applicants on Friday, March 27 at 3:00 p.m. (Pacific time). (more…)

Stanford students get random summer opportunities

Since the beginning of Winter quarter I’ve been sifting through various summer opportunities and attempting to find out what to do with my life without the structure of school. I’ve been searching for quite some time, and although my search isn’t quite over, I’ve had a few leads, a ton of rejection letters, and a handful of interesting opportunities to take advantage of. (more…)

Stanford Students Build Basketball-Shooting Robots

Students in Mechanical Engineering 210 spent most of winter quarter learning about mechanics, electronics and computer programming. Given Stanford Basketball’s participation in March tournaments, basketball-shooting robots were an obvious choice for the final project.  (more…)

Stanford Chief Wants Higher Ed to Be ‘Affordable, Accessible, Adaptable’

President John L. Hennessy wants higher education to be more “Affordable, Accessible, Adaptable.” (more…)

President Obama at Stanford: The White House Cyber Security Summit

President Obama came to Stanford’s campus two Friday’s ago to speak at the White House Cyber Security summit.Faculty, VIP members, press, and a group of very lucky students were able to attend thanks to a lottery that gave away 200 free tickets to Stanford students. (more…)

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