President Obama at Stanford: The White House Cyber Security Summit

President Obama came to Stanford’s campus two Friday’s ago to speak at the White House Cyber Security summit.Faculty, VIP members, press, and a group of very lucky students were able to attend thanks to a lottery that gave away 200 free tickets to Stanford students. (more…)

Low Units, High Reward

As the winter quarter kicks off, I’ve been shuffling and reshuffling my schedule, trying to fit in all the classes that interest me – even though, with 13,209 options from which to choose, I know that’s an impossible task. (more…)

Paintball with My Dorm!

This last weekend, the first in February, was the first time it’s rained in a while here, which I would normally say is a good thing, but my dorm had planned to team up with another dorm and go paintballing in Santa Clara, so the rain was a little bit of a worry. We knew we were going to be covered in paint, but we didn’t necessarily want to get soaked as well. (more…)

Museum hopping and celebrities in lecture

ITALIC has officially kicked off to a new theme this quarter—Gravity and Levity. for those of you who do not know what ITALIC is, I wrote a post about it awhile back right here. (more…)

Beyond the Classroom

Each year about 1,000 Stanford undergraduates work closely with faculty mentors on research ranging from engineering and medicine to the humanities, fine arts and social sciences, in some cases traveling world-wide. These projects introduce students to the rigors of academic research, build analytic skills and also help students find their own future path, whether it’s diving deeper into academics or taking their passion and applying it to other careers. (more…)

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