3 Unexpected lessons from Stanford University

Everyone talks about the immense amount of knowledge you learn in your first year in college. Here are some of the things of the actual things I’ve learned in and outside of the classroom during my first two quarters at Stanford.


The perks of being a freshman flower: life update

I don’t know if I believe this yet, but spring quarter at Stanford is supposedly “camp Stanford.” Only two weeks have past thus far, but it looks like it’ll be a pretty sweet quarter. My schedule is pretty light in comparison to last quarter’s (I took 19 units in the winter and I do not recommend this unless you absolutely need to take all those classes).


Self-Scripted Syllabus: Designing an Independent Study

With 13,425 courses listed in Stanford’s online course catalog, it seems like there must be a class for everything. (more…)

Airplane Reflections

I sit somewhere between California and Texas, 30,000 feet in the air. We’re flying over a range of snowy mountains, and there’s little sprinkles of ice on the outside of my plane window. I imagine that the air outside feels cold, crisp, refreshing.


Life After Stanford

When I was in middle school, the future seemed pretty clear: High school was my next step. I went to a high school that emphasized proceeding to college, so I knew I could plan on four more years in the academic world after my high school graduation. But now, as a junior. things are much more nebulous; there’s no well-chartered “next step” after earning my undergraduate degree from Stanford! (more…)

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