The first time I visited Stanford was the summer before my junior year of high school. Over this summer, I was beginning to think about my college plans, which meant planning a lot of college visits. My two best friends were in the same boat as I was, so we planned a college trip together, and ultimately decided to make a week-long trip to California. Along with my mom, the four of us were excited to begin our adventure of visiting nine schools in seven days. The very first morning we were in California, we had scheduled a tour and information session at Stanford. My Stanford visit was my very first college tour, and I didn’t know what to expect. In hindsight, we shouldn’t have planned to visit Stanford first, because when I arrived on campus that morning, there was no question; I knew that Stanford was where I was meant to be. I can’t explain the feeling other than that I felt a sense of being at home. Looking all around me at the beautiful sunshine and palm trees (a pleasant change from Washington), the smiling students biking by in their cardinal red Stanford gear, and the friendly tour guides, Stanford became my dream school. After walking around the campus for an hour and learning about the rich history and incredible opportunities students are offered, the tour easily convinced me that Stanford was my first choice. At the end of the tour, my mom, my two best friends and I were walking back to our car. Along the way, we passed one of the biggest fountains on campus. Of course, complying with Stanford tradition, we all decided to jump inside it.


Here’s us in the fountain!

My mom gave me and my two friends coins so that we could each make a wish. As I closed my eyes, there was one wish in my head… I wish that I could be a student at Stanford. Little did I know, just two years later my wish would come true!


It was a bit too chilly to swim this week.

When I found out that I was admitted to Stanford, I knew that I was going to attend. Stanford offered everything that I was looking for; reputable academics, tons of amazing events and student groups, strong freshman communities, a medium sized campus population, perfect weather… the list goes on and on. Stanford met all of my desires in a school and exceeded my expectations. Now that I’m starting my third year here (WHAT?!), I couldn’t be happier with my decision to attend Stanford; I love this university so much and have since the day of my first tour, but now I am lucky enough to call it mine!


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