In my latest post, I covered how I’ve been entertained by the arts at Stanford. In this post, I’m going to talk about my main alternative method of entertainment: SPORTS!

Watching sports at Stanford is really, really fun, especially for three reasons:

1. There are a bunch of varsity teams to watch—20 for women, 16 for men—and 26 club teams. With so many sports, it’s easy to find something that you’re interested in! (If you haven’t heard of club sports, think of them as sports in which universities compete against each other, but the students on those teams don’t have any scholarships. They’re generally not as competitive as varsity sports, where some of the students have scholarships, but they’re more competitive than Stanford’s intramural sports, where Stanford students from different dorms will form teams to compete against each other.)

It's always fun to hang out at a football game!

It’s always fun to hang out at a football game!

2. Most—if not all—competitive teams at Stanford are good. Ridiculously good. So good that—as you’ve probably heard—Stanford has been awarded a prize for having the top athletic program in the country for nineteen straight years. (Every time I hear that fact, it blows my mind a little. For 95% of my life, Stanford has had a better athletic program than any other school in the country? Wow!)

3. Tickets for athletic events held at Stanford are free. FREE. Plus, tickets for athletic events away from Stanford are often subsidized, so even long trips like the Rose Bowl are cheaper than they’d be for casual spectators, making sports especially appropriate for those on a college student budget.

I’ve been lucky to see a couple of teams compete while I’ve been here. My favorite sport to watch is competitive swimming—probably because I did it for so long while growing up—but football is a close second.

Are there any sports that you want to see live at Stanford? Let me know in the comments!


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