A Culture of Collaboration: Classmates Who Care

A Culture of Collaboration: Classmates Who Care

When I first heard that some classes at Stanford are graded on a curve, I imagined cutthroat competition, peers who hoped for others to struggle so they could gain an advantage. Turns out the dystopian planet I feared was the complete opposite of reality; the Stanford world has continued to amaze me with the culture of peer support and collaboration that flourishes here.

Battle of the ‘Bots!

After weeks of lectures, students in ME 210, Introduction to Mechatronics, face a final project like none other: Build a robot from scratch and put it to battle.

Stanford Students Build Solar Racecar

A team made of Stanford students have created Luminos, a lightweight, teardrop-shaped car, which is topped with solar panels that generate all the electricity the car needs to run. Here, the team is testing the car on Stanford streets before taking it to Australia for a 2,000-mile race across the outback.

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